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We offer our services as video content creators. Fully self-contained – we devise, edit, and shoot, cinematic videos.All of our films are cooked up in-house, from start to finish. This results in a simpler, faster, and more reliable experience for you. We pride ourselves on making the process enjoyable for everyone involved, and have built a solid reputation based on fast turn-around, versatility to the clients needs, and a unique cinematic quality.At this time, CK Film consists of a well-refined, multi-talented pair of creatives; Finn O’Connor (Director, Editor, Cinematographer), and Conor Cameron (Music Composer, Actor, Co-Director). Between the two of us, we cover all major aspects of film-making.We have a professional collaborative relationship and a friendship spanning over a decade. We share a common goal in making the best films possible, regardless of the challenges that often arise within this trade. There is a mutual hunger to constantly improve our craft and raise the bar for the next project. Outside of our professional operations, we work on many personal creative projects. Currently we have a web series in development, as well as an array of side projects, such as short films and skits, slated for production throughout the year.If you have a story to tell, a brand to promote, or talents to showcase, contact us today!


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